Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baiting the Trap

Oh man...

I really have to check the stats page of my blog more often, it's mildly amusing.  The search terms that lead people to my blog are... interesting.

I feel like a Trapdoor Spider lying in wait... and this is the bait I use to lure unsuspecting passersby to my corner of the Blogosphere:

andrea spinks  (aka Nadia, a British porn actress & model.  Nadia is also the nickname of my Powerbook Lombard)

image of a rock 

images of a rock
picture of a rock   (must be all those geology-related posts I did back in the day)

jennifer aniston nude in wonderland

jennifer aniston nude pic wunderland

jennifer aniston nude pics and wonderland  (a little something I posted years ago to prove a point)
model 100
model t    (one of my favourite portable computers of all time)
Makes me wonder what other kinds of tag-bastardry I can do.

Heh heh heh...