Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Action Day: The Power of We (conclusion)

Thank God I'm done.

And thank you for putting up with my disjointed and oversimplified ramblings about things I experienced on TV, radio, books, and Wikipedia.

At the time of this writing, it's 9:21pm.  I have been blogging about the Power of We for over twelve hours.  Apart from a walk to 7-Eleven and a couple of bathroom breaks, I've been sitting at this keyboard all day.  I missed a lecture by a famous architect that I wanted to attend.  Not how I pictured myself spending the last day of my vacation.  And what did I get out of Blog Action Day?

Did I bring about change?

Was it positive change?

Did I win?

No, no, and no.

I was never really out to win.  I don't think one can "win" Blog Action Day (I got a couple of retweets for my efforts, though!), and despite participating nearly every year, I don't think one can truly bring about real change by participating.  One can bring raise so-called Awareness of an issue, but I have a number of problems with the current use of that word Awareness in social media and activism... problems I will detail in an upcoming post.

At any rate, I'm not entirely happy with my efforts today.  They weren't bad, but know I can do better.  I dusted off the Prague Spring draft a couple of weeks ago, along with the outline I'd done for Seasons of Change.  But I sat on it until this morning, and the work suffered.

Such is life.

So, what about this Power of We?

I sum it up as follows:

We have the power to effect real change in our lives and situations, but we need to have the courage and the will to speak up.

We need to have the fortitude and strength of conviction to speak louder if we are not heard, and to act if need be.

There is always strength in numbers.

And finally, though the winds of change may blow, they don't always smell pleasant.

Viva la revolucion!