Friday, September 19, 2008

On Shifting Priorities

I've finally found my calling.

It's something I've been involved with in the past, and have only just realized I have a real future in this particular field (even with my current employer!). It involves a few of my interests, a few of my marketable job skills, and more than a couple of my personality traits... plus I get to use my brain and manipulate other people, which is always fun. It also doesn't involve being an IT drone, either, which is a definite plus!

However, I won't go into specifics just yet ;)

With that in mind, I'll be going on hiatus for the next month or two, as I have a lot of research and planning to do. Meaning I won't be blogging, surfing, or visiting the many forums I frequent.

Excluding Blog Action Day, of course! I plan to be around for that!

See you around!


Deank said...

still going to have some time next June? Or better yet....need any help?

Conceited Jerk / Airt Mattrèssor said...

Of course! I'll probably be in dire need of a vacation by June!

As for needing help - not that I can tell as of yet. I'll likely send out a mayday if I need :)

mrchristian said...

That's great news ! Always great to find something new and interesting - especially when you just sort of stumble across it.

Bonne chance !

Conceited Jerk / Airt Mattrèssor said...

Thanks, Mr C! That means a lot!

For the record, it wasn't so much "stumbling across it" as it was "being hit by a tonne of bricks!" ;)

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