Monday, July 20, 2009

Gone Fishin'

Sayonara, folks,

I'm spending the rest of the summer away from the computer(s). Life's too short and the weather's too nice to be stuck in the blogosphere.

I'm off to chase women, enjoy the great outdoors, and maybe even work on the Speakeasy if time and/or money permit.

Have a great summer!

** Incidentally, I've made a few changes... points to the first person to spot 'em!


cherenkov said...

Have a good summer! Fire me an email if you want to grab a beer sometime.

James Andrew Jaworski said...

Re: Speakeasy blog.

Time, money....or inspiration, which counts for more.

James Andrew Jaworski said...

Best place for a beer = Couin's Deli on Sherbrook.

They've expanded and widened their street patio.

Conceited Jerk said...

Can't buy tools or building materials with inspiration, I'm afraid.

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